5 Ways Buying A House Will Be Different In Lufkin This Summer

As a result of the coronavirus and COVID-19, along with stay-at-home orders and economic difficulties, life for most Americans has irreversibly shifted. And many say this new paradigm will persist and become the new normal. Real estate, while still chugging along to some degree, has also been affected – not only by health concerns engendered … Continued

Tips For Selling Your House With Pets In Lufkin

If you’re a pet owner, you probably love your pets – your dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, parakeets, or whatever. The trouble is, though, many people aren’t very fond of pets (as hard as that is to accept for many pet owners). Some people even object to outside pets. So pet owners who want to sell … Continued

10 Things You Need To Do When Buying A House In Lufkin

We all know that buying a house, whether for the first time or the tenth time, is a BIG financial step. Still, it’s usually a far more complex process than most first-time buyers realize. You have to figure out, for example, how much house you can afford, how many beds and baths you need/want, what … Continued

6 Staging Tips To Help Home Sellers in Lufkin

Homebuyers have grown accustomed to seeing and now expect to see picture-perfect, magazine-ready homes when they shop – both in listing photos and in person. And, besides, multiple studies have shown that staged homes typically sell faster and at better prices. Staging, then, is an essential element in preparing your home for listing and sale. … Continued

Coronavirus Precautions To Take When Buying A House In Lufkin

Although the coronavirus has brought many businesses and industries to a stand-still, that’s not the case with real estate. Residential real estate was designated an essential business. As a result, mortgage applications have remained at about 75% of what they were at this time in 2019. Still, in order to remain virus-free and healthy, buyers, … Continued