5 Websites Every Home Seller In Lufkin Needs To Know

Today, home selling can be done from the comfort of your living, thanks to the many listing and real estate marketplace sites available. And they are most certainly worth using when you consider that a large proportion of buyers begin their home search online and almost all millennials – who are now the largest segment … Continued

6 Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your House Faster

If you’re ready to list your home, you’re probably like almost every other seller out there. You want to sell your house fast rather than having it sit on the market for months on end. You can sell quickly – and possibly even get top dollar – if you put in some effort and do … Continued

How To Add More Value to Your House in Lufkin

The idea of homeownership is to build equity in your home that becomes an asset over time. In fact, a home is often the largest asset many people will ever have with the exception of perhaps a retirement plan. There are ways for you to maximize the value of the asset before you sell. Improvements can happen … Continued

How To Use Data To Sell Your House Fast In Lufkin

Shopping for and marketing real estate, as well as viewing,  has now moved pretty much online where data is king. And this means that writing up a quick listing description that includes square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and vague words like “charming” and “cozy” just won’t cut it anymore. Today, you have to … Continued

How To Sell A House With Cloudy Title In Lufkin

A cloudy title (or cloud on a title) can stop a real estate sale dead in its tracks. Typically, a cloud on the title is discovered during the title search and is any document, claim, unreleased lien, or other encumbrance that could make the title doubtful or invalidate/impair the title to the property. Basically, if … Continued

How To Sell Your Fixer-Upper House Fast In Lufkin

Maybe it was an investment project that you now have neither the time nor inclination to see through to the end. Or maybe it’s a less-then-pristine house you inherited and don’t want to pay taxes and insurance on. Whatever the case, you now have a fixer-upper on your hands that you need to sell fast. … Continued